The Story of The Katahdin Wallet

September 13, 2018

The Story of The Katahdin Wallet

The Katahadin vertical wallet is named after Mount Katahdin in Maines Great North Woods.

When we name our products at The Acadian, we try to imbue them with a story that reflects what we love about Maine. Even though you may not be from Maine, or have ever visited, we hope the stories behind our wallets evoke a sense of place and time that connects you to this wonderful place.

The Katahdin wallet holds a special place in our hearts. The heartbeat of our beautiful state is Mount Katahdin, not only because it's the tallest mountain or because it's nestled deep in the North Maine Woods, but because it holds a wealth of history for Mainers.

The Abenaki people (really, the Penobscot Indians who once inhabited the area around Katahdin—and still do to this day) named the mountain so because of its sheer size compared to any of the mountains in the surrounding area. Meaning "The Great Mountain," Katahdin cuts a striking figure in the Maine wilderness that is today striped with logging roads.

Mt. Ktaadn, painting by Frederic Edwin Church The guardian of Mount Katahdin, according to Abenaki lore, was a fearsome winged beast by the name of Pamola. With the head of a moose, the wings and talons of an eagle, and the body of a man, Pamola was the great protector of a natural resource the people depended on for their survival.

Today, Mount Katahdin sits in Baxter State Park (surprisingly, not actually a Maine state park) and serves as the terminus of the famed Appalachian Trail. People from around the world celebrate their thru-hikes at Katahdin's summit with pictures and celebratory "whoops!" Much beloved by Mainers, Katahdin represents the majesty and ruggedness of a state that natives and transplants alike will steadfastly defend.

So why did we name a wallet after this mighty mountain? Like our fellow Mainers, we love and cherish Maine's tallest peak, and believe that its ruggedness is a great representation of the spirit of the Maine people. The Katahdin wallet, made from wonderfully textured leathers and hand stitched with strong Maine Thread Co. waxed polycord, represents a tall, rugged, and handsome addition to The Acadian's Maine Collection.

For us, the vertical wallet stands tall and proud among our products, much like Katahdin's stance among the pines of northern Maine.

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