5 Books You Never Thought To Read

March 07, 2022

5 Books You Never Thought To Read
I don't know when the negative stigma about men who enjoy reading came about, but I think it needs to stop. Anti-intellectualism is a curse on society, but it can be turned around. Any man worth his salt knows that reading expands horizons, educates, entertains, and enlightens.
I asked my friend Josh Christie, Co-owner of Print: A Bookstore in Portland, Maine, to recommend a few titles that you never thought to read. I was not disappointed. 
 Good Sex is a fantastic primer on meditation, and how mindfulness practices can connect the reader with their own body and with a partner. After years of trying out books on mindfulness with limited success, Good Sex was the first book to get the practices to stick. Graham mixes personal narrative, research, anecdotes, and exercises throughout the book, which seamlessly moves from solo and partnered mediation to topics like masturbation, orgasm, pornography, and dealing with jealousy and sexual trauma. It's a liberating, potentially life-changing book.
Bro! In this new translation of Beowulf, Maria Dahvana Headley breathes verve and wit into one of our oldest stories. Headley is an adept translator, and the alliterative and onomatopoeic work vibrates with life. It also offers new perspectives on the female characters, particularly Grendel's mother. If you, like me, you struggled to get through more traditional translations, give this one a shot.
In 2009, twin brothers Darin and Greg Bresnitz launched Snacky Tunes, the radio show celebrating the intersection of food and music. This book is a print companion to that project, collecting dozens of interviews, playlists, and recipes from chefs around the world. It provides endless kitchen inspiration, all tied together in a stunning package from arts publisher Phaidon.
Ever since listening toEzra Klein’s interview with Vivek Murthy about the loneliness epidemic in America, I’ve been fascinated with exploring the mental, physical, and societal effects of loneliness. In her graphic novel Seek You, Radke dives deeply into the topic. Mixing personal experience with science, biography, and current affairs, the book beautifully explores why we’re lonely, what it’s doing to us, and what we can do about it.
Asim’s Boyz in the Void, a collection of epistolary essays structured around a punk playlist, recalls no book more than Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. Speaking to his younger brother about Blackness, masculinity, and otherness, Asim connects his experience as a thirtysomething Black man with his Gen Z sibling’s life. Filtered through the lens of punk and straight edge culture - a cliquey and predominantly white scene - the book combines sharp observation and insight with dynamite music criticism.
I needed something fun to start the year, and Outlawed - a genderbent, alternate history western focused on a crew of female and non-binary bank robbers - absolutely fit the bill. Swashbuckling barely begins to describe the tone and pace of this novel, which cruises from adventure to adventure with high drama and inventive twists.

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