A sneak peek at what’s to come at The Acadian

April 03, 2020

A sneak peek at what’s to come at The Acadian

Though business—and our world—is changing constantly now that a pandemic has gripped us all, I’m trying to keep things fresh and exciting for you. Look, I know that we’re a non-essential store, but we also provide joy and pride for our customers. 

Yes, we’ve had to pivot a little bit, but we also had some great things in the pipeline for 2020. I thought I’d share a few of them with you right now. 

Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram

For the past several weeks, I’ve been going live on Facebook and Instagram from my little workshop on the coast of Maine. Watch as your products are hand made by me as orders come in. I like to interact with viewers too, so if you have questions or comments, I’m happy to engage with you. 

Online Classes

I’ve had the mere idea of doing classes in the back of my head for months, but never really had the opportunity to make them a reality. With so many people sheltering at home with little to do, now seems like the perfect time to bring them to you. Starting with Basic Leatherworking 101, you’ll be able to craft a custom leather card wallet by hand using basic leatherworking hand tools and good ol’ elbow grease. 

Since I’ll be holding the classes live on Zoom, you’ll be able to ask questions and get immediate feedback on your progress. This should be fun! Keep an eye out on my social channels and the newsletter for more information.

New Product Lines

The pandemic has kind of thrown our 2020 plans and goals into a tailspin, but I’m making the best of it. I still hope to release several new product lines this year. 

Cigar Aficionado

For cigar lovers like myself, there seems to be a dearth of high quality but unique cigar accessories on the market. So I’m combining my love of a good cigar with my EDC obsession to create a line of portable, unique smoking accessories for fellow cigar snobs. 


I am a bearded gentleman, as so many are here in Maine. As such, I love a good beard oil to keep my beard manageable and my skin moisturized. The apothecary line will include Maine inspired hair and skin care items for men and women, so you’ll always think of the Pine Tree State (or Vacationland, if you prefer ocean waves) when out and about. 


I find that I carry a bunch of accessories in my pockt on a daily basis. Like a good Eagle Scout, I try always to be prepared. A pocketknife, a pen, a flashlight...they’re all in there, but they clutter my pockets, and the more I add, the bigger my pockets get. In an attempt to manage the clutter, I’m designing a series of Every Day Carry pouches, pockets, and belt sheaths to keep my EDC organized and accessible. 

Corporate Gifts

Businesses big and small need to make a good first impression on clients. A thoughtful handmade branded gift can keep your business top of mind and in front of the competition. 

This year, The Acadian will be offering a line of branded corporate gift items that will definitely make the right impression. 

A more personal Acadian Newsletter

The Acadian newsletter I’ve been sending has mostly been a sales tool. Not very interesting, although there have been some good deals and new product announcements. But I like you folks, and I want to let you know what’s going on in the shop, in addition to the usual product announcements and sales. 

While the format of the newsletter will change, and the frequency might increase just a bit (maybe once a week?), you'll still get your special deals and offers, with a bit more personal feel to it. 

Let’s get through this together. What do you say?

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Belt Sizing

To size your new Acadian belt:

  1. Lay your current belt on a flat surface.
  2. Measure from where the leather bends back on itself at the buckle to the hole that you use most often.
  3. The number you get corresponds with the size of The Acadian belt. 
This way of measuring gives a more accurate and forgiving measurement for your belt. It may not match your pant size or current belt size.

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