Acadian Beard Oil


Tame those whiskers!

Why would you ever put a scented oil into your beard? 

If you really care about your manly facial hair, you should know better. Beard oils not only help tame those wiry whiskers, but also whisk you back upta camp, glass of bourbon in hand, surrounded by pine scented forests, campfires, and ocean breezes. 

Created with a face nurturing combination of carrier oils and scented essential oils that make your beard soft and manageable, Acadian Beard Oils help you look less like Grizzly Adams and more like a North Woods Gentleman.

North Woods Camp
Chris's personal favorite, North Woods Camp beard oil evokes long walks through pine forests in Maine's Great North Woods. Bold pine notes are accentuated by slightly smoky clove define North Woods Camp beard oil.
Rangeley Lake Cabins
At the end of a long day of hiking through the Maine woods, kick your feet up in your favorite leather chair with a glass of fine scotch. That's what Rangeley Lake Cabins beard oil reminds you of all day long.
Bold Coast Beach
Bright sun, feet in the sand, fresh ocean breezes...transport yourself to Maine's rocky coast with Bold Coast Beach beard oil.

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