The Baxter Book Tote

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 Designed with the voracious reader in mind.


    The Baxter Book Tote is one of those bags that seems like it doesn't belong, but becomes a must have when you need it most. Sized perfectly to carry books, journals, pens, and other accessories, The Baxter Book tote is there when you need it. 

    Made from full grain leather source in Maine, The Baxter Book Tote is durable and beautiful, and will take on a rustic charm the more you use it. Readers will appreciate the well sized main compartment that is designed just right for 2-3 hardcover books or a whole pile of paperbacks. The large front pocket can carry a journal and writing implements, keeping those separate from the main compartment. Double layered handles are riveted to the bag for strength. 

    Sophisticated and charming, The Baxter Book Tote is your new everyday carry bag!

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Belt Sizing

To size your new Acadian belt:

  1. Lay your current belt on a flat surface.
  2. Measure from where the leather bends back on itself at the buckle to the hole that you use most often.
  3. The number you get corresponds with the size of The Acadian belt. 
This way of measuring gives a more accurate and forgiving measurement for your belt. It may not match your pant size or current belt size.

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