The Magalloway | M3 Metal Fountain Pen

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Colbaltium Mokume
Red & Copper
White Mokume
Blue & Silver

Inspired by the pine tree stained waters of The Magalloway River—a famous trout fishery in northwestern Maine—The Magalloway fountain pen will have you longing for crisp days spent on the river. The Magalloway River was the first real river I ever fly-fished in Maine, searching for trout and land-locked salmon, so this pen holds a special place in my heart.

Fashioned with a lovingly antiqued brass section, clip, and finial, and a German Iridium Nib, this fountain pen will write beautifully and last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. The Magalloway fountain pen's barrel and cap are designed with an eye-catching M3 Mokume metal-resin hybrid blank.

The Magalloway hand turned fountain pen is truly a beautiful gift for the writer, graduate, or loved one in your life. Or maybe a little something for yourself!

• Beautiful and Durable antique brass section, clip, and finial
• German Iridium nib with nib upgrade available
• Includes ink converter
• Measures approximately 5 1/4 inches long


*NOTE: Each pen is hand made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. 

**Due to the nature of the M3 material, variations in color or pattern may occur. This is natural and adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the piece.

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