Custom Work

** Our books are currently closed due to the 2021 holiday rush. We will re-open for custom orders beginning in January 2022. **

Custom pens and pencils

A custom segmented Aroostook Ballpoint Pen from The Acadian

Using your own supplied materials

We are happy to use materials supplied by you. From a plank of wood from that special boat, to the label from your favorite cigar, we can incorporate a wide variety of materials into our pens and pencils. 

Please be aware, you will be asked to supply enough material to create a duplicate item. Due to the nature of hand crafted custom products, things don't always go as planned. There is a chance that the supplied materials could be damaged or destroyed during the production process. While we do take the utmost care to not damage or destroy supplied materials, we cannot be held responsible for such damage should it occur. 

Custom Leather Goods

Custom laser engraved leather pouch

Using Your own supplied materials 

There are plenty of ways to make one of our leather products truly your own. From stamping initials to laser engraving, we can make nearly any of our products unique. 

Some suggested customizations:

  • Supply your own liner material for The Brunswick journal cover or The Scout wallet.
  • Get your name or initials embossed right into the leather of most of our leather goods (available right on most product pages).
  • Have a symbol or phrase laser engraved right on the surface of our lighter colored leathers.
  • Gold foil embossing on any leather.
  • Emboss your own design onto a journal cover or wallet.

To learn more about our custom services and get a free quote on your custom order, please leave us a message below:

Size, Materials, & Colors





Black White Scarlet Royal Blue Orange Olive Green Mocha


Belt Sizing

To size your new Acadian belt:

  1. Lay your current belt on a flat surface.
  2. Measure from where the leather bends back on itself at the buckle to the hole that you use most often.
  3. The number you get corresponds with the size of The Acadian belt. 
This way of measuring gives a more accurate and forgiving measurement for your belt. It may not match your pant size or current belt size.

The Founder's Cabin

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